Thursday, July 17, 2014

Every Tumblr user ever

  • Me when I joined Tumblr: How do I start using this thing
  • Me now: How do I stop using this thing
Friday, December 20, 2013




can i get a hell yea if you’re still gonna be wasting your time on this website in 2014


It’s not wasting time!  It’s long distance interaction with a variety of like minded individuals who share your interests and others who do not and will engage you in lively debates in an attempt to sway you to their fandom/ship/ideology etc.

There is just something about “I have lost the ability to can” that can’t be captured by “this is so great, it’s driving me crazy” or any variation thereof. Internet language does this all the time. Sometimes “AODEHwhddhwdwebw” is far more eloquent than saying “I’m so overtaken with emotion, I can barely type so I smashed the keyboard with my forehead.” The phrase “right in the feels” may, in fact, express more than “wow, [insert name of most popular BBC show of the day] made me so sad that I felt the pain as one would a physical blow.”

That’s when you know something interesting is happening linguistically. When the new grammatical structures and phrases express something that conventional language simply cannot. Sure, this new grammar-bending, punctuation-erasing, verb-into-noun-turning, key-board-smashing linguistic convention doesn’t dominate the whole Internet. While it is mostly Tumblr that generates this language, let’s remember that there are only virtual borders on the Internet. Users of one social media platform are likely to be users of several and they take the language with them across Internet borders. So language generated on Tumblr is is now becoming Facebook and Twitter language and influencing language everywhere from Buzzfeed to Autostraddle.
Your Ability to Can Even: A Defense of Internet Linguistics (via brutereason)
Thursday, December 12, 2013






So fucking many. Basically all of you.

Yeah. Pretty much. All of the ones that I’m following as well.


Breaks my heart how far away some of you live.







So fucking many. Basically all of you.

Yeah. Pretty much. All of the ones that I’m following as well.


Breaks my heart how far away some of you live.

Saturday, December 7, 2013
  • me when I first joined tumblr: lol I probably won't ever use this
Wednesday, December 4, 2013

And on Really Neat Lessons —


And on Really Neat Lessons —

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013




Last night I got up at 3 am to feed my cat. So I picked him up, noticed he was purring loudly, and thought in all seriousness:

"Very cat. Much purrs."

…then realized I may or may not spend too much time on this fucking website. 

As your husband I feel I should inform you that you said that out loud.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013
  • friend: what do you even do on tumblr?
  • me: stuff
  • friend: what, like reblog pics and that's it?
  • me: you don't understand.
Friday, October 25, 2013


So apparently there’s some confusion over the new search function.

The search bar will now take you to the search page instead of the tagged page

You can still get to the tagged page by manually entering the url, clicking on a tag, or tracking a tag.

The search page for something like ‘government shutdown’ will return posts tagged things like:

  • #government shutdown
  • #government #shutdown
  • #government shutdown: the movie: the musical
  • #is this because of the government shutdown?
  • #government shutdown//—//-
  • #anti-government #shutdown
  • etc. 

The search will work with tags beyond the fifth tag whereas the tagged pages will not register posts for which the tag in question is not within the first five tags.

The search will only go through the tags on a post and not the content of a post.

Searches for a word in the English dictionary will return results tagged with alternate forms: ‘hiking’ will also return #hike, ‘fluorescent’ will also return #fluorescence, etc.

Monday, October 14, 2013



saying “i run a blog” makes it sound so legit

like you’re in charge of a really important project or something

"oh yeah, i run a blog centering around the analysis of symbolism in popular television and how those symbols reflect the modern cultural mindset; specifically, the controversy surrounding physical/emotional homoeroticism and its reception with the masses"

kidding, i mostly just cry and talk about butts


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Sunday, October 13, 2013


true friends are friends that follow you even though you’re not the same blog type

Monday, September 30, 2013








imagegot a family of 4 in my house :)X

image my husband died, just me n the kids :(X

image ”we’re not calling him dad.”

i am legitimately interested in this story


every other weekend, he has his kid, from a previous marriage, over.


we got a couple of dalmatians


goddammit cruella not this shit again

Friday, September 27, 2013




tumblr will find a way to be offended about anything

it’s breeding a generation of people who need to be coddled and protected from life, growing up believing that everyone should hold up a metaphorical sign saying ‘TRIGGER WARNING’ before anything that might be considered offensive (everything)


Oh, for fuck’s sake. Really? Really? Because literally the only people I see flailing and shrieking and wringing their hands on a regular basis here on tumblr are the ones who figure making minor changes in their vocab (or educating themselves or just listening when someone says “Yo, that’s kinda not cool”) is so much work that it’s worth the risk of seriously fucking someone over. Yeah, it sucks when you screw something up and someone calls you out on it. It sucks more when you don’t see how they could possibly be offended. But how fucking much does it cost you to take a step back and go, “Well, I don’t get why it’s such a problem, but sure, I’ll stop doing that around you”?

I mean, if someone I knew got panic attacks over the use of the word “moist”, shit, I’d stop using the word “moist” around her. I wouldn’t demand an explanation or proof that it sends her into a sobbing ball of terror. If she yelled at me for it or seemed to completely overreact, I’d put on my big-girl thinking cap and realize this is something that’s way more important to her than it is to me, so I’d better fucking take it seriously, at least around her. And you know what? I’d just fucking stop using the word and find something else to say, because I’m a fucking considerate person who has a basic level of social skills. I don’t know shit about why “moist” freaks her out so much, but I’m not such a self-centered asshole that I believe I know what’s better for her more than she does.

But that’s censorship!!!! Yo, it’s self-censorship. “FREE SPEECH !!!1!!!” cuts both ways: I can say bullshit, and other people can call me out on it. I don’t get to decide what offends other people. What I do get to decide is how I respond to being called out, and what it boils down to is whether I care more about her well-being than my ability to use the word “moist” in conversation. Neither’s a wrong choice, but you’ve gotta be honest with yourself either way and stop acting like you’re the bravest of the brave for standing up for your right to be an asshole to someone with PTSD or something. Holy hell.

Tumblr slacktivism’s got its problems, no denying that. But I’d argue that what it’s actually doing is breeding a generation of people who aren’t willing to lie back and take shit, who’re willing to speak up when they’re excluded or made to feel shitty or small or dishonest. Don’t pretend you’re sticking it to the man and being a brave little toaster, OP, when all you’re doing is punching down, when you’re just getting uncomfortable with the idea that you might’ve said something shitty that seriously fucked someone up that one time, when you’re scared you might do it unintentionally in the future. Yeah, it’s unfair, and there’s no way to tell who will take offense at what: the fact is, sometimes you’ll offend people, and you’ll have to learn to deal with it like an adult. Quit clutching your pearls. Grow up. Take responsibility for your words, and goddamn learn that interacting with other human beings means occasionally having to compromise, no matter how mildly inconvenient it may be for you at the time.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


also why do people get so annoyed about trigger warnings on tumblr bc seriously you get trigger and content warnings all the time in real life

you get warnings on the back of dvds saying if stuff contains violence or scary scenes because some people - and not just children - will not want to see that kind of thing

on national news stations you get warnings before certain reports if theyre going to contain descriptions of abuse because that might be triggering to some people

and tv stations almost invariably warn for flashing images because they can trigger conditions like photosensitive epilepsy

stop acting as if trigger warnings and content warnings are some new thing that are only used and wanted by “”“overly sensitive people”“” on tumblr

there is nothing “overly sensitive” about not wanting to see certain things because of the effects they have on you

and people have recognised that for years in real life as well as on the internet

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

I don´t love my followers because they follow me


 I love them because:

  • a “like” in a post that took me time makes my day
  • a *hugs* when I’m sad can make all the difference
  • the effort to go on my ask box and talk to me makes me feel like I’m worth of something
  • And because when you reblog something and fangirl with me I don´t feel so alone

So thank you for following me