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Bi-friendly journalism: If find/replacing “bisexual” with “gay/lesbian” would make the article homophobic, return to editor. @shinydan (via bisexualftw)


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  • Friend: How can you trust a bisexual girl? She'd just cheat on you with a boy.
  • Me: Same way I trust lesbians, because they can cheat on you with other girls.
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Gay does not mean interested in you.






Lesbian does not mean “probably going to hit on you”.

Homosexual isn’t a horny caricature trying to fuck you.

Get over yourself.

Bisexual does not mean “wants to have a threeway.”

Pansexual doesn’t mean ‘fuck everything and anything’.

Asexual doesn’t mean “just never had sex with you.”

Demisexual doesn’t mean “hopeless romantic.”

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Discrimination hurts us all. But neither the straight nor the gay sides seem to feel that way.

I hear it when, while joking about what a terrible gay I am because I’ve never seen Rocky Horror, a lesbian friend chips in with “No, you’re a terrible gay because you have a boyfriend.” I hear it when my brother, after a night of drinking in which we both flirt with the same woman, says he’ll make me an omelet “only if you promise never to fake-lesbian cock-block me ever again.”

My Bisexual Guilt, Persephone Magazine (2012)
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If studying-lgbtq-people inboxes you asking to take part in questions about LGBTQ people “to help her understand” DO NOT DO IT. It is Sophie M Herold, the girl from Germany who attacks LGBTQ people and outs them to others. She is transphobic, homophobic and one of the sickest people I know. And now she’s back with a cunning new plan to get your NAME, ADDRESS, BIRTH DATE, AND PHOTO.

This girl is dangerous, and for some reason is allowed to keep making new tumblr accounts. We’ve raised awareness before and it helped, so lets do it again before she puts another persons life in danger. She collects your information and gives it out to others, she has sent letters to peoples parents outing them, other people have gotten hurt because of her. Yes, hurt.

Even if we can’t stop her again, get this message out and stop others giving her information etc.

And Sophie, you should know by now not to fuck with me again, wrong move, buddy.


Y’all know I don’t normally signal boost, but this is so important. This girl is literally putting peoples’ lives in danger.

unclear if she’s in Germany or Virginia. she browses tumblr for LGBTQ people’s (especially lesbians’ and trans people’s) personal info in order to out as many people to their families, peers, employers, etc. as possible. if anyone contacts you about participating in a survey about LGBTQ people, ESPECIALLY if they ask for personal info, exercise caution. google any “real” name they provide and/or the username under which they contacted you; report suspicious tumblr accounts to if they say it’s research being conducted by/for a student, academic body, organization, or business, they need to supply details about the survey research. don’t do any survey whose conductor, purpose, process, OR confidentiality is unclear or questionable, and don’t do any survey by Sophie M. Herold or Sophie von Bayron. the about section at now-defunct studying-lgbtq-people is clearly homophobic and transphobic:



My name is Sophie Miriam Herold. In the past, I have contacted LGBTQ people around the world and pointed out to them how wrong their behaviour (being LGBTQ) is. Then, I started collecting names, addresses, photos and other personal information about them and sold them to anti-LGBTQ-organisations.

Now, it is time to take a more direct approach and find out what is really going on inside LGBTQ individuals.

That’s why I am asking LGBTQ people around the world to participate in my series of tests.

I want to experiment with gay people to find out how they react to

-cold, heat

-physical pressure

-different levels of psychological stress

-different chemical substances.

I just want to find out if LGBTQ people react like normal people.

Everyone who is LGBTQ can participate, no matter if you are British, German, Canadian etc., no matter if you are White, African-American, Asian etc., no matter if you are 18 or 28 years old – you just have to be lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer.

Depending on the amount of people who want to participate, the studies will start in fall 2012 or early 2013.

During the first phase of this test you will receive a questionary with questions regarding your past. In the second phase, you will participate in different role playing games (via skype) to find out how you react in everyday life situations. These skype sessions will be recorded. In the third phase, you will be invited to a laboratory close to your hometown to undergo the chemical and physical testing.

This study will be absolutely free for LGBTQ people.

If you are interested or know a LGBTQ person who wants to participate, please email me your

-full name

-full address

-birth date and age

-latest photo of yourself

-and describe yourself in a few words and why you want to participate in the testing.

Please send this message to:

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

My name is Sophie Miriam Herold, and I mean you no harm. I am just being curious.

It looks like her tumblr has been removed. Good.

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Lesbianism: Have your cake and eat hers too.

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Friday, June 1, 2012

So many people accept gays and lesbians and completely disbelieve in bisexuality.

That sentence right there, has caused me and my friends so much grief.

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Monday, May 28, 2012

© 2008-2010 Dawn Hartman


© 2008-2010 Dawn Hartman

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Please check your own privileges at the door: Sometimes we don’t have to look too far to find the people who persecute members of the LGBTQ+ Community(s).  Be honest. How many of these have you used? And how many of these have been used against you?


Please check your own privileges at the door: Sometimes we don’t have to look too far to find the people who persecute members of the LGBTQ+ Community(s). Be honest. How many of these have you used? And how many of these have been used against you?

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