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Call for Submissions - Fiction





We have gotten, and published, good stories about women. We have even gotten, and published, stories with women characters that I am comfortable with from male writers. I swear we have. But this most recent batch. Good god. I’m so frustrated. Tumblr ladies, I need fiction submissions that don’t make my head explode. Dudes are alright, they can even write stories I like, but I want to publish more women writers. The thing is, we can’t publish more women writers if we don’t get submissions. Ladies, please, please, if you write original fiction please submit to Devilfish Review.

And even if you don’t write original fiction? I have seen some awesome AU stuff out there. Swap the names up and shake the fandom off just a little and send it in. You are closer to original fiction than you think you are. And if we really like it, we will work with you to get it to original.

All of this goes double triple if you are a writer of color and/or queer. I want us to be more representational. I do. I’m Hispanic and bi (and fat and female). Where am I in the stories I’m publishing? But those aren’t the stories we are getting. How do we fix this? How do we reach out more? For now, I am reaching out here on Tumblr as best I can.

We do accept slice of life everyday fiction, but prefer science fiction and fantasy type things. We have four issues up. (The lovely Serindrana is in the last one!) Read through our archives, and especially read our About pages. Then submit submit submit.

I sadly don’t have anything ready (plus, like Beezel says, I was in the last one!) but I KNOW a lot of you have original pieces and ‘verses you’ve been wanting an excuse to write in



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Reblogging because I submitted a story and so can you!

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Bi-friendly journalism: If find/replacing “bisexual” with “gay/lesbian” would make the article homophobic, return to editor. @shinydan (via bisexualftw)


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This is the best comic everyone else go home


This is the best comic everyone else go home


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Sometimes, other people may be too narrow-minded to understand you, but that doesn’t change who you are! Do what feels right for you and makes you happy!

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When everyone holds their Trans* Day of Remembrance vigil this month, please don’t forget about CeCe McDonald. She’s in prison right now for fighting back & surviving a brutal attack that could have put her on this very list. We need to show support for our sister.

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What I’ve started telling people about the “why have a label?” is that I promise to stop using a label for myself after straight and gay people stop labeling themselves. Troy Brooks, a very smart bisexual activist from Indiana (via bialogue-group)
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I knew there was a reason why I loved this show.


I knew there was a reason why I loved this show.

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I know there are bisexual characters on television. I know that, surprisingly, some of them are actually pretty great (Nolan ‘I’m about a three on the Kinsey Scale, myself’ Ross from “Revenge,” for one, an actual bisexual character that I’m not ashamed of). But a handful of bisexual characters dotted around a handful of television shows isn’t good enough for me. I want more. I want bisexuals chosen by God hunting demons across the Midwest. I want bisexuals running crime rings in Harlan County, KY. I want bisexuals killing zombies in the South. I want bisexual meth cookers. I want bisexual crime solvers. I want bisexuals whose best friends are werewolves. I want bisexuals in this world, in other worlds, in outer space. I don’t want to be told that there’s a bisexual in this show or that show and be expected to nut up and shut up. I want bisexuals everywhere. @velociriot (via bisexualftw)
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The urbanization of Gay that started rolling after World War 2, while it has benefited us as Queers, has not really happened for, or specifically benefited Bisexuals in a comparable way. And no wonder! What’s the point of migrating to a “Gay City” if you are going to face the same stereotyping and rejection that you can get just as easily in Podunk? Why not just keep your head down and install new drapes in your closet?

If the rejection of Bisexuality by large elements in the Gay/Lesbian Community makes us look smaller by keeping us in the closet (and here I mean both the straight closet that we all start in and the gay closet where we give up and just identify as ‘Anything But Bisexual’), then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. “Where’s the community to come out to? Nowhere. So I won’t come out, then, I can manage my feelings of threat better by remaining isolated.” Then along comes the next person, who can’t find the Bisexual Community either …

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Huh. Guess I like girls now too. 

Huh. Guess I like girls now too. 

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“The Office of Human Rights transgender and gender identity non-discrimination campaign will appear throughout DC in Fall and Winter of 2012. The campaign will feature five transgender or gender non-conforming people in a series of five ads. The campaign aims to increase understanding of the community, reduce discriminatory incidents in DC and increase reporting of discrimination when it happens.”

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This is really cool.

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