Monday, September 22, 2014


I felt good today.
I hope you all had a good day too.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

This is an aphreal42 appreciation post. Specifically, an Aphreal writing appreciation post.

I just reread Songs of Hope and Loss and it brought me near to tears. Even though I’ve read it hundreds of times. The Anders/f!Hawke feels were too much. She captures Anders perfectly, all his passion and all his flaws.

(And I know what you’re thinking, that I only love it so much because Aphreal borrowed my Hawke for it, but it’s not true. I’m only lucky that she honored me by using my character for such a touching, beautiful piece of fiction.)

So then I went and reread Magnets, and I got all teared up again. This time for Alistair/Warden feels. Forbidden love gets me every time. (Also, I can’t help but feel bad for poor Leliana in this fic, but that’s beside the point.)

At this point I think I’m going to have to reread everything she’s ever written, and probably spend the night crying because she is the Queen of Angst. But usually she gives them happy endings, so it will be okay.

In short. aphreal42 is amazing and everyone should read her work because it’s brilliant. I really, really can’t give her enough love.


(1) Tumblr en We Heart It.


(1) Tumblr en We Heart It.


Gothic Victorian Gown
by RomanticThreads


Gothic Victorian Gown

by RomanticThreads


Who need a life when you have cool hair? | via Tumblr на We Heart It.


Who need a life when you have cool hair? | via Tumblr на We Heart It.

Saturday, September 20, 2014


Living with mental illness means that on some days it will be even harder to cope and you might not be able to explain why. It could be because you havent slept enough, because a smell reminded you of feeling sad, or for no reason at all.

This is a reminder that we dont have to justify our feelings or abilities to anyone, just do whats needed to make it to the next day.

What many writers don’t realize is that muscular prose alone can’t lift a narrative. Any sentence, no matter how powerful, that serves no story purpose is nothing more than wasted words. Obviously, adjective pileups and unnecessary clauses and clunky diction must go. However, effective cutting involves more than line editing. You can also strike whole paragraphs – pages, even! For example, toss out that extra twist and the plot might become clear. Rather than reconstructing the pyramids in five paragraphs (despite that week you spent cruising the Nile), pick the two best and let readers supply some of their own building materials. James Patrick Kelly

panic/anxiety attack


  • breath in for 4 seconds
  • hold your breath for 7 seconds
  • exhale breath for 8 seconds

repeat once or twice more.

This causes an autonomic nervous system shift from a sympathetic (fight or flight reaction) state to a parasympathetic response.

Use this for panic/anxiety attacks, exams, presentations.

Friday, September 19, 2014

How to Go to College for Free: The Best Open Classes for Writers (Fall 2014)


Massively Open Online Courses are the new vogue way to take control of your education and your career, and it’s the best thing. Higher education should be a right, but many of us can’t afford or can’t even access modern college courses. Anyone with conviction and a few extra hours a week can get themselves a college education from some of the best teachers in the world. You can even put finished courses on your resume. Just a few colleges that offer free online courses: MITBoston UniversityDartmouthCornellUniversity of TokyoHarvardYale University, and the University of Geneva - and that’s barely scratching the surface.

Those are some of the most funded, most prestigiously staffed universities in the world. The education offered by them, for free, is at your fingers. Just because the world might hold degrees and the brick and mortar institutions of modern universities as a reward for the already privileged or the lucky doesn’t mean you don’t have the resources to learn. Throwing the exposition away, here are my favorite courses for writers available this fall semester:

  • English Grammar and Style taught by University of Queensland’s Roslyn Petelin, Gabrielle O’Ryan, and Michael Lefcourt. It’s a basic writing course, taught by professors who understand English like the backs of their hands. 
  • The Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours: Epic and Lyrictaught by Harvard’s Professor Gregory Nagy. Course on heroic story structure that walks you through the ancient Greek heroes and stories that set up the future of western literature. Breaks down the Epic and Lyric forms.

  • The Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours: Signs of the Hero in Epic and Iconography Part two of the course above, this time moving to the influence of visual heroic iconography. 

  • Fantasy and Science Fiction: The Human Mind, Our Modern World taught by Professor Eric Rabkin. Genre course that explores the two major fiction forms as a reflection of human society. Covers a lot of pop culture favorites. 

  • Unbinding Prometheus taught by Eric Alan Weinstein through Open Learning. The class, starting in November, will explore the meaning of Percy Shelley’s work and the impact the man (who believed writing could free mankind from their shackles) has had on the world he left behind. 

  • The Divine Comedy: Dante’s Journey to Freedom taught by many Georgetown professors, including Dante and Derrida: Face to Face author Frank Ambrosio. It looks frankly awesome, talking about the modern reader and Alighieri’s work, and the first sentence of the class description speaks for itself: Students will question for themselves the meaning of human freedom, responsibility and identity by reading and responding to Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy.

  • Online Games: Literature, New Media, and Narrative taught by Vanderbilt University’s Jay Clayton. This class is about Lord of the Rings Online. It’s not actively running, but you can access all the materials online. 

  • Laura Ingalls Wilder: Exploring Her Work & Writing Life taught by Missouri State’s Pamela Smith Hill, an Ingalls Wilder scholar. Wilder’s Little House series has informed our perceptions of her era in North American history, but there’s more than meets the eye in her stories. Just like Shakespeare, there are more than a few controversies around authorship, and a lot to talk about in this course.

  • How Writers Write Fiction taught by University of Iowa's professor (and author of Things of the Hidden God) Christopher Merrill. The course presents a curated collection of short, intimate talks created by fifty authors of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and plays that you can’t catch anywhere else. Features weekly writing assignments.

  • Poetry: What It Is, and How to Understand It taught by George Washington University’s Margaret Soltan. A class in modern poetry, the whys and hows, and a cultural learning class we’d recommend for anyone trying to broaden their artistic perspective.

EXTRA CREDIT: Important and interesting classes I would recommended.

  • Understanding Violence taught by Professors Deb Houry and Pamela Scully.  Covers elements of biology, sociology, and psychology. You’ll study the biological and psychological causes of violence, and how violence is reported and portrayed in the media. Seems like an excellent research course for action writers.

  • Social Entrepeneurship taught by Professors Kai Hockerts, Kristjan Jespersen, Ester Barinaga, Anirudh Agrawal, Sudhanshu Rai, and Robert Austin. Doesn’t just talk about how to use social media for your own benefit — the course is meant to break down how to use social media and community engagement for global change. 

  • Comic Books and Graphic Novels taught by University of Colorado Boulder’s William Kuskin. Explores the medium at length. Has special class topics on Batman, Neil Gaiman, Pop Culture, Defining Art, and Gender. 

— Audrey Erin Redpath (@audreyredpath)






What’s this about? As you might have seen me mention, my friend’s wedding is fast approaching this October. We’ve been friends for fifteen years now, and have never been able to hang out often due to living in different states. To cover all the travel and hotel expenses to go, I’m going to have to save up about $600.

So, I am re-opening my commissions officially, and have added a new quick pencil head sketch option!

Are you running any specials this time around? I am! Any commissions above $25 will get a free $5 pencil head sketch, and commissions above $40 will get a free print from my stock.

What about your Etsy store? If you’d like to buy one of the pre-made sketchcards I still have up there, please do! Every little bit helps, and the cards will remain at their discounted price until my stock is cleared out.

And your Patreon? There are select commissions available as rewards through my Patreon, so check those out too! I will continue to show comic previews there, though previews will take slightly longer while I work on commissions. I am still very much on track for launching the comic for everyone this fall.

How do you accept payment? Paypal is the best and easiest way. Payment for commissions under $40 I have to ask for in full up front, above that 50% up front, and the remaining 50% upon completion of your piece.

Anything else to know? I will not draw sexually explicit content or extreme gore (so basically keep it PG-13ish).

Please, reblog and spread the word! :)

I can be contacted at

With my dog’s health issues, money’s tighter than ever. I’d greatly appreciate spreading the word and any commissions.

Thank you.

Emergency! At this point all money will go towards my dog’s impending vet bills.

Please help, we’ve already had to take her to the vet and go through surgery in the last two weeks. I know I’m not all that popular and my work isn’t circulated around as much as other artists’ but I would be eternally grateful for help here.

Update: Lucy (our dog) is doing better! She won’t be walking for a while, but she’s in good spirits.

That said, our family’s funds are still very tight as a result of everything going on, and any work would be extremely welcome. :)

Update: Lucy is on the mend, so my focus is back to saving for my friend’s wedding. It’s little over a month until the day, so I’m still in a big crunch trying to afford it in time. Please, please, please, keep signal boosting and commissioning!

Thanks! :)